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 Vegetable and Herb Varieties

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artichoke globe ,cardoon ,vegetable seeds
Artichoke (Globe) & Cardoon
Both make large perennial plants. Artichokes produce large globes of delicious buds, usually from their second year onwards, while Cardoons are often grown for their crispy edible stalks and mid-ribs. Both make fantastic feature plants in the garden even if you never eat them!
asparagus ,vegetable seeds
This is one of the tastiest of garden vegetables and, when bought from the shops, one of the priciest! You can grow them successfully from seed. It takes a little longer than using crowns but this is a much more cost effective way to start off. Your patience will be rewarded by an asparagus bed that can be productive for 20 years or so.
asparagus pea ,vegetable seeds
Asparagus Pea
- An unusual plant which produces attractive red flowers followed by angular pods.
aubergine ,vegetable seeds
These need a warm and sheltered spot or protection to do well, however with our warmer summers it is time to give them a try. You can grow these in much the same way as tomatoes. Start them indoors in early spring where they can benefit from some warmth, plant them out into a greenhouse or pot them on finally to 20cm pots (which they do very well in).
baby leaf vegetable seeds
Baby Leaf Varieties
Space saving quick crops. Many are suitable for a long season of production. Add variety and flavours to your salads with a changing selection of produce.
Tote bag on rosemary bush
Bags, tote style
Gorgeous handmade veg print tote style bag. Made from 100% cotton fabric, each bag measures going on for 30cm wide by 40cm deep and is fully lined. It also has one inside lined pocket perfect for phone, purse, keys, bits and bobs etcetera. An ideal gift or a special treat for yourself!
bean broad ,vegetable seeds
Bean Broad
We grow our beans in triple rows which seems to help keep the taller varieties standing on their own even on a windy site! We start all our beans in modules and then plant out.
Bean French climbing
Bean French Climbing
They like to start off in a warmer soil so do not sow them earlier than mid April unless you warm the soil with cloches, alternatively start them in modules indoors. Help these climb by training them up canes either in a wigwam or a line. All French beans respond well to regular picking when the pods are 8-10cm long. This will encourage a long season which can last from late July to late September. Longer beans can be shelled and used as flageolets while towards the end of the season you can chose to dry the whole plant & shell the remaining dry beans (haricots) for use over the winter
Bean French Dwarf,vegetable seeds
Bean French Dwarf
Despite their name these beans were introduced to Europe by the Spanish from the Americas! They are started off in the same way, and time, as their climbing cousins. They make a good crop for containers (at least 20cm wide) and they also freeze well. Sow from mid April through to July.
runner bean vegetable seeds
Beans Runner
A firm favourite that is well suited to our summers. When you pick runner beans regularly they crop over a long period of time. We are selling you enough seeds for 2 or 3 wigwams and if you want to grow more than that then why not try a second variety to compare flavours? We like to pick our beans when they are young but our stringless varieties will continue to give you nice beans even if you leave them on the plant for longer than intended.
unusual bean seeds
Beans Unusual
Love beans? Go beyond the familiar with Adzuki,Edamame (soy),lab lab and pea beans.
beetroot vegetable seeds
Normally grown for the roots (they are cooked and eaten hot or cold or grated raw into salads) but the young leaves are also edible and they are a colourful addition to salads. Sow in the open from mid March to July or sow under glass Jan/Feb for crops from May onwards. Late sowings in August will need protection later. Make several sowings for a continuous supply.
broccoli vegetable seeds
For the best flavour steam the florets as soon as possible after cutting. Try serving with white sauce or hollandaise or just with butter. You can even use them in Cauliflower cheese – instead of the cauliflower! Sprouting varieties will produce a succession of small heads for harvesting over a long period
broccoli raab ,vegetable seeds
Broccoli Raab
This is actually related to turnips but is grown like broccoli, sometimes referred to as ‘rapini’. It isn’t an alternative to broccoli, it is a lovely veggie in it own right grown for its leaves, shoots and small florets.
brussel sprouts vegetable seeds
Brussels Sprouts
Brussels may be an essential for winter meals, but by growing different varieties you can enjoy sprouts from Autumn to Spring. We stake our plants, except Early Half Tall, against wind rock. We reuse the stakes from year to year. By popular demand we have retained our varieties from last year and added three new ones to the range for you to try.
cabbage vegetable seeds
We grow a lot of these varieties ourselves; sowing in succession in modules and then planting out has always proved to be a very reliable method, producing a good crop of very tasty cabbages.
calabrese vegetable seeds
These are productive brassicas for small gardens, maturing in about 16 weeks. The cauliflower like head is cut just before the flowers open, and it will then produce broccoli like side shoots that are also for harvesting. Picking constantly will encourage more shoots. Sow the seed in pots for planting out. Sow from late spring to early summer for a succession.
cape goodeberry vegetable seeds
Cape Gooseberry
This produces the tasty bright orange fruits that are now popular in upmarket restaurants.
carrot vegetable seeds
With planning and successive sowing it is possible to enjoy the flavour of fresh carrots for 9 months of the year. You can sow under cloches or in cold frames in the spring - let the soil warm up under the cloches before sowing or wait for warmer weather!
cauliflower vegetable seeds
These are tasty brassicas that most people think as having white or creamy heads but the purple and green forms are also exceptionally flavoured. They need to be planted in firm ground and avoid fresh manure as this encourages leaf production and not heads! Secret of success – grow in modules & after approximately 6 weeks plant out after hardening off and keep well watered.
celeriac vegetable seeds
The internal creamy white flesh is crisp with a smooth texture and a mild flavour – try celeriac chips and be amazed. This is a popular vegetable in Europe. It has a long season and can be harvested from the autumn and on through the winter, lifting as you need them. As the name suggests the taste is a little like celery but sweeter. Celeriac leaves can also be used for flavouring.
celery vegetable seeds
We offer you three types of celery: leaf (found in our herb section), trenching and self blanching. The more usual trench type needs to be blanched by using a collar or earthing up and they reward you for your trouble with vigour, colour and hardiness. Self blanching types can be planted in blocks and do not need collars or trenches. Both sorts are better started indoors or under glass in seed trays from mid April and can be eaten raw or cooked.
celtuce vegetable seeds
Celtuce Vegetable Seeds
This was one of our best sellers for the last two years; it has remained one of our own best growers too. It is easy to grow and very productive.
chicory vegetable seeds
Growing chicory is not difficult: you start the seed in modules, transplant and let them grow. The leaves perk up cool weather salads and are delicious lightly cooked. They are robust and tolerate most climates and soils and a rarely troubled by pests or disease. Their long season of use from mid-summer right through to spring makes them an excellent choice to keep your garden productive. Take the plunge!
chilli vegetable seeds
For those who like things hot, look no further. Sow these indoors in a warm soil from mid April to May in trays or modules. They can either be kept indoors or moved outside if you have a sheltered spot. Chillies will put up with more temperature fluctuations than peppers. Harvest when ripe late August to October. Love chillies but don’t have lots of space then the answer is our chilli mix choices.
chinese cabbage vegetable seeds
Chinese Cabbage & Broccoli
These are versatile vegetables that can be used in salads, cooked lightly or put in a stir fry. Sow from June to August with harvesting about 9 weeks later. They are a very fast, useful and tasty summer/autumn crop
collards ,vegetable seeds
These have been grown in Britain for hundreds of years although more recently the seed has not been widely available. We have selected these three varieties to demonstrate their mild flavour, versatility in growth and use and enable you to enjoy them to their full. Why not give them a try.
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corn salad vegetable seeds
Corn Salad (also called Lambs Lettuce) Vegetable Seeds
This is also known as Lambs Lettuce because it grows wild in the lambing season. It is very easy to grow. If you cover your plants in the winter they will keep producing through the cold weather.
courgette ,marrow ,vegetable seeds
Courgette & Marrow
We don’t like struggling to cope with a huge harvest and it seems the best way to deal with prolific courgettes is to grow less plants – this is why we sell you 6 seeds. This will give you plenty of courgettes without being over-run! Sow in modules, one per pot, inside in late April/early May and plant out after frosts.
cress vegetable seeds
Plenty of seed to allow you to sow weekly for a continuous supply. Grow on the window-sill to add to your salad and sandwiches
cucumber ,vegetable seeds
The taste of a home grown cucumber will outclass the shop brought ones – fresh from the garden to your salads and sandwiches in one short and quick journey. Many of our varieties grow happily outdoors but the ‘all female’ varieties (Diva, Passandra and Sweet Success) are best gown on their own in a greenhouse. Start all cucumber seeds inside in early April.
Endive vegetable seeds
All endives are trouble free and can tolerate heat or cold. Often thought of as a winter salad ingredient, our varieties will take you through all the seasons.
Florence fennel vegetable seeds
Florence Fennel
This type of fennel is grown mainly for its bulbous roots. It can be used as a mini vegetable and the leaves can also be used in salads. A fine crop that does well in warm moist summers.
flower seeds
Flowers A to C
Our new exciting range of beautiful and useful flowers. This section covers Achillea to Craspedia
flower seeds
Flowers D to L
flower seeds
Flowers M to Z
sweet peas ,vegetable seeds
Flowers Sweet Peas
Gift Vouchers
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green manure seeds ,moreveg
Green Manures
These plants are grown to improve the structure and nutrient content of the soil, they are usually dug into the soil before they flower or the greenery can be cut and used as a mulch or added to the compost heap. They also help to control weeds between harvest and crop planting.
herb seeds ,moreveg
Herbs A to F
Welcome to our expanded herb selection. The majority of the herbs in this selection are naturally nurtured seed. We have only selected the finest quality herbs that also have culinary use to add a totally fresh range of flavours to your cooking.
moreveg herb seeds
Herbs G to W
Our extensive herb seed selection includes such favourites as mint,sage,rosemary and thyme.
kale vegetable seeds
Vegetables are good for you and this one is especially so being a good source of calcium, iron, beta-carotene and vitamins. Sow in Spring in modules for autumn/winter harvesting. Now we have eight varieties there is a kale (or two) to suit you!
kohl rabi vegetable seeds
Kohl Rabi
This is a highly nutritious and tasty brassica that can fit into any garden space. This vegetable can be sown over a long period, and if close spaced it makes very good baby veg. Trouble free and fast growing.
komatsuna vegetable seeds
This very tasty and versatile veg can be eaten raw in salads or shredded it into your stir fry - our two varieties allow you to grow and harvest all year round. Find it a space in your garden!
leaf beet vegetable seeds
Leaf Beet
Also known as Swiss Chard, this is becoming very popular with several colourful cultivars. Sow in situ, not too early, from mid April to June. It can be cropped over a very long period from August, over the winter and into the spring; for cooked or salad use.
leek ,vegetable seeds
We start our leeks off in modules and transplant, this has proved a good method for a dependable crop. According to variety it can be sown in February (indoors) onwards to give leeks from the summer and on through the winter and into the spring.
lettuce vegetable seeds
Lettuce - Crisp, Iceberg, Cos and Romaine
Lots of lovely lettuces to choose from which can give you crops over many months. Lettuces can be sown successfully in modules for planting out except in the summer when sowing in situ is better. Compact varieties can be grown in containers and window boxes. Lettuce is the mainstay of salads but with our varieties you can ring the changes in flavour, texture, form and colour.
lettuce vegetable seeds
Lettuce - Loose leaf, Butterhead and Oak leaf
Our great range of lettuce continues with loose leaf ,butterhead and oak leaf types.

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